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Wild Press Imprint
A novel about the timber mafia

"From the get-go, Currey writes like a man possessed. He sets a new bar for the often tepid “eco-thriller” genre by finally demonstrating just how thrilling it can be... More than just an engaging read, “Stripped” is a wake-up call. If just a fraction of environmental literature could muster the same energy and intrigue, who knows, people might actually be inspired to put down their books and fight for nature." Review in the Jakarta Globe.

"If you're into saving the environment, this is definitely the book for you. Not only will you be able to relate to the theme, you will also get a gripping, fast-paced thriller to boot... An absolute page-turner."  Review in the Malaysian Sun.

A fast paced contemporary eco-thriller with guts, written by a real life undercover sleuth. Author Dave Currey, as front man for TV's award-winning Animal Detectives has spent 25 years leading undercover teams that "seem to live their lives on the pages of a crime novel" says The Face.

Four severed limbs delivered to separate addresses in Borneo: a warning from the billion dollar timber Mafia. Two young men kidnapped while swimming naked in the dense Borneo jungle. Left for dead, Englishman Matt and local Dayak guide Koto, stripped of everything, draw on their vastly different experiences and instincts to survive the dangers of the wild - home to giant crocodiles, endangered orang-utans - and trillions of mosquitoes. Forest Minister Probo, surviving an assassination attempt, sets out to break the timber Mafia's corrupt stranglehold on his country.

Murder, politics, Islamic extremism and the world's press mercilessly add frightening layers to this breathless adventure - the terrible consequences of our demand for tropical wood.

"Dave Currey's work concerns life and death, including his own" - Sunday Mirror Magazine.

"An exhilarating and thought provoking sexy thriller ... Nature vs man's greed brought home by Currey who has lived the danger" Rula Lenska, actress and conservationist.

"An exciting and completely new style of eco-thriller" Annie Quigley, director Bibliophile Books.

A believably shocking thriller with political intrigue. Written by a man who really has successfully managed the release of kidnapped personnel, lunched with the Indonesian President and fought the timber Mafia. Set in Borneo, Jakarta, Bali, Singapore and London.

Published by Wild Press
Paperback - ISBN: 978-0-9566671-1-3
Kindle version - ISBN: 978-0-9566671-3-7
epub version - ISBN: 978-0-9566671-2-0

Paperback (318 pages) available from:

Amazon UK
Also available from Amazon in other European countries (only in English).

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