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This website mainly showcases Dave Currey’s wildlife and landscape photography – one side of his life that has constantly invigorated and inspired him. Although most of his adult life he has been actively campaigning for wildlife and our environment, photography has always been in his heart.

Dave graduated with a degree in Photographic Arts in 1976 and was described in a photography magazine in 1982 as “one of the new breed of naturalist photographers, with a commitment to conservation and the style of a photojournalist.” Since then he has not only used his photography for environmental change, but also his writing, film-making and leadership.

Dave Currey exposes rhino horn trade in Hong Kong
Dave Cuurey's article on the killing of pilot whales in the Faroe Islands


As co-founder of the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) in 1984, its executive director for ten years, senior campaigner and board member for twenty five, Dave has developed, led and won campaigns with his focused strategies, persuasive documentation, team work and sheer hard work. His undercover exploits, illustrated with strong photographic images, have closely allied him with the media, his photo-spreads appearing in magazines such as LIFE, The Sunday Times, BBC Wildlife and The Telegraph Magazine.

Dave’s name is associated with many conservation successes. His published photo-spread on the plight of Kaziranga National Park in Assam, India acted as a catalyst to raising over £80,000 for the park, its forest guards and communities, further protecting the rhinos, tigers and river dolphins. His pioneering international undercover work has gained protection for a diverse range of wildlife including wild birds, whales, dolphins, elephants and their habitats.

His writing has appeared all over the world and he co-authored To Save An Elephant with colleague Allan Thornton, describing their work to secure the ivory ban in 1989. His highly successful novel Stripped - a thriller set in Borneo - was published in 2010. His ebook for the ipad Galapagos Photography was published in 2014. He is currently working on a new novel set on Ibiza.

Article about Dave Currey investigating the killing of Dall's porpoise in Japan

He has worked on film documentaries for the BBC, Nat Geo and appeared in and co-produced a multi-award winning seven part series for Independent Television (ITV) “Animal Detectives”. On behalf of EIA he fronted TV appearances for decades, his most recent in 2011 in a documentary "Blood Ivory Smugglers" shown on Nat Geo Wild.

Dave was awarded the Albert Schweitzer Medal in 1990 for his "work in protecting elephants and dolphins" and EIA was awarded the Global 500 Roll of Honor by UNEP for "outstanding contributions to the protection of the environment" in 2001.


Dave and his civil partner, wildlife artist Gary Hodges, have shared their lives since 1978.

For a full biography check him out on Wikipedia.

Dave Currey Environmentalist Writer Photographer
The launch of an ITV series "Animal Detectives" co produced by Dave Currey
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