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Wild Press Imprint
An autobiography and portfolio by wildlife artist Gary Hodges
Elephant drawings by wildlife artist Gary Hodges
Boy and Christian lions original by Gary Hodges drawn for George Adamson memorial
Photos and information by wildlife artist Gary Hodges

Heart & Soul is an intimate and sometimes heart-wrenching story of an artist who against the odds outsold his peers. Gary Hodges' personal account gently builds a deeper understanding of his life and his art. Through tragedy and joy, the artist’s ability to reach into the soul of his subjects becomes clearer, as his personal portrait emerges.



Included in the 272 pages:

•    All 129 published prints illustrated in the portfolio section.

•    79 unpublished drawings and sketches.

•    336 full colour and B/W photographs scattered throughout the book, including ones from his childhood and many from his adventures. His intensely personal autobiography told over 20 chapters... find out what really makes him tick

•    Foreword by Virginia McKenna OBE

•    Introduction by Rula Lenska.

Beautifully designed, personally signed, this limited edition book is a testament to the artist now in his 60th year, celebrating his drawings, his life and the wildlife he loves with a passion.

The portfolio section includes all his 129 published drawings to date. The book also includes 336 photographs of his life and his many research trips.

"In this intriguing book Gary reveals his passions, his life’s low and high moments, in a most touching way. You might not guess that this modest and somewhat self-effacing man is the genius behind the extraordinary pictures he creates. His only ‘tool’ a pencil. But, as you read, you start to understand the passion behind the pencil." Virgina McKenna.

Price £80 individually signed and numbered limited to 1,000 copies.


For more information and to buy visit Gary Hodges Wildlife Art


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